Nox AT Genius Attack 18K 23 | Paddle blades Nox | Nox
Nox At Genius Attack 18k 23
Nox AT Genius Attack 18K 23
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Nox AT Genius Attack 18K 23 | Paddle blades Nox | Nox
Nox At Genius Attack 18k 23
Nox AT Genius Attack 18K 23

Nox AT Genius Attack 18K 23

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Based on the design of the classic Nox AT10 Genius, Nox presents this season the new Nox AT10 Genius Attack 18K, a power racket made to surprise you with its features and high performance during the most demanding paddle competitions.

It has a spectacular design, made with exclusive technologies that give aggressiveness, power and excellent finishes.

Type of player

Made for the advanced-professional paddle player looking for a power racket that provides aggressive finishing and ball exits loaded with speed and power.

It has a diamond shape, with a superior sweet spot and high balance.


In the core of the racket:
- Core with even denser rubber than HR3: increases the speed with which the core of the racket recovers its state before hitting the ball. Maximum power is achieved with this rubber.

In the frame of the racket:
- Carbon Frame Carbon Frame: using this material in the frames we give more rigidity and durability to the frame and the racket in general.
- Dyamic Composit Structure: with the application of more material from the frame to four centimeters inside the face we minimize the difference in hardness between the frame and the face. In this way, when the ball is hit with the outer parts of the racket, we minimize the possible cutting of the fibers that could occur when the rubber sinks.

In the core of the racket:
- HR CORE: Core with high density HR3 rubber, with the greatest memory effect thus achieving greater power in the blow.

On the face of the racket:
- Carbon 18K: Maximum rigidity and strength while maintaining the lightness of the racket thanks to the finest interwoven carbon microfilaments of our range of blades.
- Rought Surface: Rough surface on the last layer of the face of the racket. It can be made by pre-molded plastic material or with a bath in silica sand of low grammage. With this roughness, more effective strokes are achieved.

Other areas of the racket:
- SmartStrap: Customize your racket, improve hygiene and safety by easily replacing the cord without losing the warranty by not having to manipulate the bottom cap.
- Oversize Grip: longer grip length to facilitate grip.
- Antivibration System: system for absorbing vibrations produced in off-center hits.

Design and colors

It is a racket that stands out for its sober and elegant appearance wrapped in carbon and the frame with details in litmus letters Nox in litmus letters. At the center of the planes it includes the classic Logo Nox with a multicolored border and details of the brand that complement the design of the racket. It is a power racket worthy of an elite player.

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