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Nox Padel is a brand specialized in the manufacture and distribution of padel products. It offers a wide range of products to suit different levels of play. The brand offers high quality padel rackets, footwear, bags and padel accessories. Nox Padel padel bats are designed to provide excellent power and control on the padel court. These paddle racquets are made of top quality materials with excellent resistance to ensure a long service life. They also offer paddle rackets for beginner, intermediate and advanced players. These rackets are designed to provide the best playing experience. In addition to padel clubs and rackets, Nox Padel also offers footwear, bags and accessories to complement the playing experience. These products are designed to provide adequate comfort and safety for players. Nox Padel products are ideal for beginners, intermediate and advanced players who want to enjoy the padel experience.

Tank Top Nox Exc Pn Tmexpnct.001 Women's Tank Top Nox Exc Pn Tmexpnct.001 Women's 2
18,97 €
The Nox Exc Pn women's tank top is comfortable, elastic and with the best technology. The ideal choice for you who are a demanding padel player.

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