Padel Rackets

Adidas X5 Ultimate Red | Paddle blades Adidas | Adidas Adidas X5 Ultimate Red | Paddle blades Adidas | Adidas  2
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Padel rackets Adidas

Adidas X5 Ultimate Red

€82.60 €190.08
Adidas X5 Ultimate Red
Adidas X5 Ultimate Yellow - RK6CA9 | Paddle blades Adidas | Adidas Adidas X5 Ultimate Yellow - RK6CA9 | Paddle blades Adidas | Adidas  2
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Padel rackets Adidas

Adidas X5 Ultimate Yellow - RK6CA9

€74.34 €190.08
Spectacular racket Adidas X5 Ultimate Yellow with great sweet spot, great control and ball output. Its excellent design and finish will not leave you indifferent.
Pala Dunlop Inferno Elite LTD Yellow 2018 Pala Dunlop Inferno Elite LTD Yellow 2018 2
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Padel rackets Dunlop

Racket Dunlop Inferno Elite LTD

€57.81 €198.35
Spectacular design of the super sales of Dunlop with Super Flex Core rubber that gives the racket a great power and excellent control. We inform our customers that this model of racquet includes a COVER
Wilson Carbon Force Pro | Paddle blades Wilson | Wilson Wilson Carbon Force Pro | Paddle blades Wilson | Wilson  2
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Padel rackets Wilson

Wilson Carbon Force Pro

€75.99 €205.79
New reedition for the Wilson Carbon Force, but with an exposed carbon finish, roughness on the plane for more effect and an unmatched feel. iMPORTANT NOTICE !!!Real Stock -- Exclusive Manufacture We inform our customers that in OFERTASDEPADEL.COM the STOCK IS REAL and that this particular model has been manufactured exclusively for us by WILSONEvery...
Pala Head Ultimate Power Green 2018 Pala Head Ultimate Power Green 2018 2
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Padel rackets Head

Head Ultimate Power

€45.41 €132.23
Spectacular multipurpose racket Head with Comfort Foam rubber that stands out for its wide sweet spot, with great control and excellent ball output, thanks to which it adapts perfectly to any style and level of play.
Dunlop Impact X-treme | Paddle blades Dunlop | Dunlop Dunlop Impact X-treme | Paddle blades Dunlop | Dunlop  2
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Padel rackets Dunlop

Dunlop Impact X-treme

€41.28 €132.23
Paddle racket Dunlop with an excellent feeling in the blow, control and power in the auctions. Excellent quality / price ratio.

Padel rackets, the best variety Paddle offers

In our online store Padel Offers you can find your perfect shovel to play your favorite sport. We have all kinds, the best brands and for all types of players. Find here the paddle rackets of professional players of the World Padel Tour. With us you can buy paddle rackets at the best price online.

what type of paddle player are you?

When playing padel you can be a beginner, advanced or professional player. And in addition to the level of play, you can also be a player with control technique, power, versatile, counterattack..

For the entry level players that are giving their first steps in the sport and making contact with it are recommended blades with round body and soft touch. This is because this type of racket has a centered balance and a wide sweet spot. In this way you will be able to work precise strokes with ease and handle the racket optimally. In addition, it is recommended that they are made of fiberglass and soft rubber so that they are light weight and flexible and soft touch.

If you are in a intermediate level or advanced you can now play with a wider variety of paddle types and go looking for your style. You can continue to play rounders if you think you are a control player. You can level up playing with a harder and more resistant carbon round to hit with control and more power. On the other hand, if you want to try other techniques, you can start playing with teardrop-shaped blades to develop a versatile game.

If you are a advanced player or professional you can now play with harder touch and hybrid or diamond-shaped blades, since you control and dominate the ball on the court. These blades have a high balance for powerful shots. You can look for this harder feel cut in different carbon fabrics and with cores of different densities. You can combine harder faces with softer cores and vice versa.

what kind of padel rackets are there to play padel?

In Padel Offers you can find any type of padel racket. We have round padel racketsof tear o diamond-shaped. Apart from the shape you can find blades of all kinds of materials. From fiberglassof carbonglass and carbon, with eVA rubberwith Foamof smooth or rough finish.

Play with a control blade or fiberglass round shape if you are starting in padel and want to learn how to handle the padel racket and strokes. If you are an intermediate player you can play with a carbon teardrop body with an EVA core to play with good feel, control and power to develop a game multipurpose. Play with a carbon diamond blade with a harder EVA rubber for your most powerful and finishing strokes. Here you can find power blades.

You can choose a racket that best suits your needs and style of play. You will be able to find them of high range with which to play with power and control. You can also buy cheap paddle rackets. If you still have doubts you can find them by gender: padel rackets for men, padel rackets for women y junior paddles.

Padel rackets of professional players of this season

We offer you the high-end bats with which professional players play in the WPT at the best price. Keep reading and we show you the best bats for this season:

  • Adidas Metalbone HDR 3.2with which it plays Ale Galán. An oversize diamond racket for a power game. Made of carbon perfect for daring players in advanced or professional level.
  • Nox AT10 Luxury Genius 12K from Agustin Tapia. This teardrop-shaped racket has a medium balance to enjoy a versatile game. With EVA rubber and 12K carbon planes. Designed for players with professional or advanced level.
  • Adidas Adipower Multiweigth CTRL from Alex Ruiz. A round blade with 18K carbon on the faces. Perfect to compete at a professional level
  • Siux Electra ST2 by Franco Stupaczuk. It is a padel racquet with hybrid oversize shape. To play with control and power. With materials such as EVA rubber and 15K carbon faces with rough finish.
  • Wilson Bela Pro V2with which it plays Fernando Belasteguín. This shovel has a diamond shape and is suitable for expert or advanced levels. It has carbon and EVA rubber in its composition.
  • Babolat Technical Viper from Juan Lebron. It is constructed with a mutliEVA core. The planes have a rough finish in 12K carbon.
  • Bullpadel Vertex 03 from Juan Tello and Fede Chingotto. A diamond-shaped 12K carbon racket for players with power technique.
  • Bullpadel 03 Vertex Comfort from Martin Di Nenno . Diamond-shaped made of durable carbon and EVA rubber for professional players with powerful strokes.
  • Bullpadel Hack 03 from Paquito Navarro. With high balance thanks to the diamond shape of its body. Made with carbon and multiEVA in its core.
  • Diablo Revolution II Sanyo Pro from Sanyo Gutierrez. With 12K carbon in the faces and an EVA Soft rubber core. It has a hybrid oversize shape perfect for a versatile game with controlled strokes.
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