Caja Overgrip Wilson 50 Piezas Blanco Caja Overgrip Wilson 50 Piezas Blanco 2
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    82,64 €
    get the overgrip box Wilson 50 units for paddle of excellent quality! Made with materials designed to give your paddle more protection, an unrepeatable offer for padeleros and padeleras!


    Padel overgrips are a popular choice for improving racquet grip and control. These elements are placed on top of the original grip of the racquet and are held in place with a small layer of glue. There are different types of overgrips that differ mainly in their material and thickness. Cloth overgrips are softer and more comfortable, while rubber overgrips are more resistant and durable. Thinner overgrips are ideal for players looking for more grip and feel, while thicker overgrips are recommended for those who prefer more cushioning and protection for their hands. It is important to choose the right overgrip for each club and for each player, as an inadequate grip can negatively affect performance and comfort on the court.

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