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J'Hayber is a Spanish brand specialized in paddle products. They offer a wide variety of high quality paddle rackets for players of all levels, from beginners to professionals. They also offer a large selection of accessories, such as paddle blades, balls, backpacks and clothing. With its innovative design and cutting-edge technology, J'Hayber has become a recognized brand in the world of padel. With a strong commitment to quality, J'Hayber prides itself on offering durable and reliable products to help players improve their game. In addition, the brand has an extensive presence in the world of professional padel and has sponsored several elite players and teams.

Skirt Jhayber Pockets Black Ds12194p 200 Skirt Jhayber Pockets Black Ds12194p 200 2
  • -18 %
26,95 € 33,02 €
are you looking for a comfortable, resistant and high quality skirt for your padel matches and training sessions? We have the solution! We present the offer of the Jhayber Pockets skirt, designed for demanding players.
Jhayber Urban Black Tracksuit Da1995-200 Jhayber Urban Black Tracksuit Da1995-200 2
  • -24 %
  • Novedad
  • Envío Gratis
J'Hayber Clothing

Jhayber Urban Black Tracksuit Da1995-200 - Black

51,95 € 68,60 €
need a sporty outfit to protect you from the cold and wet while you enjoy your paddle matches? Take advantage of this Jhayber Urban tracksuit offer and keep your body warm!

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