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J'Hayber is a Spanish brand specialized in paddle products. They offer a wide variety of high quality paddle rackets for players of all levels, from beginners to professionals. They also offer a large selection of accessories, such as paddle blades, balls, backpacks and clothing. With its innovative design and cutting-edge technology, J'Hayber has become a recognized brand in the world of padel. With a strong commitment to quality, J'Hayber prides itself on offering durable and reliable products to help players improve their game. In addition, the brand has an extensive presence in the world of professional padel and has sponsored several elite players and teams.

Paletero J.Hayber Volea 19063 200 Black Paletero J.Hayber Volea 19063 200 Black 2
  • -47%
J'Hayber paddle bags and backpacks

J.Hayber Volea 19063 200 Black Paddle Bag

€24.75 €47.07
The J.Hayber Volea Paletero Black is an excellent option for those padel players who are looking for a high quality padel bag to transport their equipment comfortably and safely.
Jhayber Talgo Negro Verde Za44381-200 Jhayber Talgo Negro Verde Za44381-200 2
  • -40%
J'Hayber Sneakers

Jhayber Talgo Black Green

€24.75 €41.28
The Jhayber Talgo black green shoes are known for their comfort and convenience during the game.
Jhayber Tarifa Gris Za44389-28
  • -45%
J'Hayber Sneakers

Jhayber Tarifa Gray

€36.32 €66.07
The padel Jhayber Tarifa shoes are known for their flexibility, cushioning, stability and good foot grip, making them an excellent choice for padel players looking for comfort and performance on the court.
Jhayber Teleco Azul Navy Mujer Zs4437637
  • -49%
J'Hayber Sneakers

Jhayber Teleco Blue Navy Women's

€20.95 €41.28
The Jhayber Teleco Blue Navy women's sneakers are designed with your comfort in mind with every step you take. Its carefully crafted design aims to provide you with maximum comfort during use.
Jhayber Talgo Blanco Za44381-100
  • -50%
J'Hayber Sneakers

Jhayber Talgo Blanco

€20.62 €41.28
The Jhayber Talgo White shoes are ideal to enjoy training sessions and matches at padel with maximum comfort. These shoes are designed to provide a soft and lightweight experience to your feet.
Jhayber Talento Azul Naranja Za4437537
  • -46%
J'Hayber Sneakers

Jhayber Talento Azul Naranja

€22.27 €41.28
The Jhayber Talento Blue Orange shoes are ideal for superb performance on the padel. These shoes are designed with the needs of padel players who are looking for a shoe that will give them exceptional performance on the court in mind.
Jhayber Black Carbon Series Negro Za44389200
  • -24%
J'Hayber Sneakers

Jhayber Black Carbon Series Black

€50.37 €66.11
The J.Hayber Black Carbon Series Black shoes are a perfect choice for sports practice due to their great protection, comfort and power.
Jhayber Tezano Navy Mujer Zs44383-37
  • -35%
J'Hayber Sneakers

Jhayber Tezano Navy Women's

€28.88 €44.55
The Jhayber Tezano Navy women's shoes are an incredible option if you are looking for more protection and safety during your rides. These shoes are designed to give you style and comfort in every step you take.
Jhayber Tapiz Navy Naranja Za44387-37
  • -41%
J'Hayber Sneakers

Jhayber Tapestry Navy Orange

€27.23 €46.20
The Jhayber Tapiz Navy Orange shoes are designed to offer you the best sensation in each of your runs. These shoes have been carefully designed to provide comfort and performance in your activities.