Siux Tsunami Junior
    Padel rackets Siux

    Siux Junior Tsunami

    48,76 €
    Siux Tsunami Junior - If you are a junior, practice with this ultra-lightweight paddle.
    Softee Ranger Junior Softee Ranger Junior 2
    • -10 %
    Softee padel rackets

    Softee Ranger Junior

    49,59 € 49,59 €
    Softee Ranger Junior - Strength and durability is key for a junior paddle.

    Junior padel rackets

    Junior padel rack ets are rackets designed specifically for children and adolescents who are learning to play padel. These padel rackets are usually lighter and more maneuverable than adult padel rackets, and are sized and weighted for the strength and ability of young players. They also tend to have a larger surface area and a lower profile to facilitate contact with the ball and improve control and precision in the game.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Junior Paddle Paddle Bats

    where to buy cheap junior paddle rackets?

    At Ofertas de Pádel you will find the best selection of junior paddle rackets at the lowest price guaranteed. No gimmicks, with 100% real stock.

    what is the difference between junior padel rackets?

    The main difference is usually in the weight of the paddle and the size. The junior padel rackets are blades with a smaller size to favor the movements of the smallest.

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