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Bullpadel is a Spanish brand specialized in paddle products. Founded in 1995, it has become one of the leading brands in the padel market worldwide. It offers a wide variety of products for padel players of all levels, from high-end padel rackets to sports clothing and accessories.

The padel rackets Bullpadel are recognized for their high quality, design and advanced technology. They use highly resistant and durable materials, as well as technologies such as carbon and graphene to improve performance and player comfort.

In addition to racquets, Bullpadel also offers a wide range of padel apparel and accessories, such as shirts, pants, shoes, backpacks and finger guards. All these products are designed with high quality fabrics and advanced technologies to ensure the player's comfort and performance on the court.

In short, Bullpadel is a leading Spanish brand in the padel market, offering a wide variety of high quality products for padel players of all levels. Its padel rackets are recognized for their high quality, design and advanced technology, in addition to a wide range of padel clothing and accessories.

Sweatshirt Bullpadel Palavela 424 Sweatshirt Bullpadel Palavela 424 2
  • -26%
Clothing Bullpadel

Sweatshirt Bullpadel Palavela 424

€39.63 €53.68
The Bullpadel Palavela sweatshirt in midnight blue for women is a garment designed to stand out on the padel court. It is part of the Pro Line of Bullpadelwhich guarantees its quality and performance.
Sudadera Bullpadel Vijes 151 Sudadera Bullpadel Vijes 151 2
  • -54%
Clothing Bullpadel

Sweatshirt Bullpadel Vijes 151

€21.45 €46.24
Do not hesitate to buy this sweatshirt Bullpadel Vijes in a stylish shade of medium gray vigore. It is a contemporary and adaptable garment that will keep you warm in cold temperatures.
T-shirt Bullpadel Yali 400 T-shirt Bullpadel Yali 400 2
  • -47%
Clothing Bullpadel

T-shirt Bullpadel Yali 400

€16.49 €31.36
The Bullpadel Yali T-shirt in deep ocean color for women is a garment designed to look comfortable and fashionable while playing padel. It is part of the new WPT 2021 collection, which guarantees a modern and updated design.
Camiseta Bullpadel Yolombo 400 Camiseta Bullpadel Yolombo 400 2
  • -41%
Clothing Bullpadel

T-shirt Bullpadel Yolombo 400

€18.97 €32.19
Meet the Bullpadel Yolombo T-shirt in an attractive deep ocean color for women. This t-shirt is perfect for you to enjoy your workouts or games at padel to the fullest. It is made with quick-drying fabrics, providing you with comfort and coolness throughout your activity.
Falda Bullpadel Yapa 400/529 Falda Bullpadel Yapa 400/529 2
  • -55%
Clothing Bullpadel

Skirt Bullpadel Yapa 400/529

€16.49 €36.32
The Bullpadel Yapa skirt in blue and orange for women is a garment designed to offer you freedom of movement and comfort on the court padel. This skirt is made with stretchy and breathable fabrics that will allow you to move with ease during your matches.
Polo Bullpadel Yaguara 400 Polo Bullpadel Yaguara 400 2
  • -39%
Clothing Bullpadel

Polo Bullpadel Yaguara 400

€20.62 €33.84
The Bullpadel Yaguara Women's Deep Ocean Polo is a sporty polo that combines style and comfort for an optimal on-court experience. Designed specifically for the most demanding female players, this polo provides a stylish look and a feeling of total comfort during play.