Men's sweatshirt / jacket

Chaqueta Vibor-A Mamba Negro Chaqueta Vibor-A Mamba Negro 2
  • -25%
Clothing Vibor-A

Jacket Vibor-A Mamba Black

€28.06 €37.19
attention padel players! We present you the offer of the jacket Vibor-A Mamba, a high quality garment designed for the most demanding in both design and functionality.
Chaqueta Vibor-A Mamba Verde Chaqueta Vibor-A Mamba Verde 2
  • -20%
Clothing Vibor-A

Jacket Vibor-A Mamba Green

€29.71 €37.19
The Vibor-a Mamba jacket is a sporty garment that will keep out the cold and allow you to enjoy paddle tennis to the fullest in the coldest seasons of the year.

Sweatshirts and jackets for men

Men's sweatshirts and jackets are very versatile and comfortable garments, perfect for any occasion. Sweatshirts, hooded or hoodless, are ideal for everyday wear, whether you're going to play padel or out for a stroll around town. Jackets, meanwhile, are perfect for protection from the cold in winter or to add a more formal touch to an outfit. There are many different styles and designs available on the market, from the classic and simple to the more modern and daring. In addition, many of these garments are made with high quality materials and are very durable, so they can be an excellent long-term investment. In short, men's sweatshirts and jackets are a must-have option in any man's closet.

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