Blade protectors

Blade protectors

ShockOut blade protector

Shock Out
ShockOut Comic Comic PVC roughened shovel protector with comic drawings
Blade protectors

Vibor-A Racket Protector

Vibor-A protector to protect your padel racket from blows against the wall, ground, etc.
Protector Star Vie Pvc Furius Negro Naranja
  • -34%
Blade protectors

Star Vie Pvc Furius Black Orange Protector

€3.26 €4.92
Your racket will be protected from scratches and horrible marks against the floor, get your Star Vie protector and do not worry about the blows suffered by your racket.

Paddle Paddle Protectors

Paddle blade protectors are an essential accessory for any paddle player. Their main function is to protect the paddle from wear and tear caused by constant use. In addition, they also help to maintain the shape and weight of the racket, which can improve the player's performance and precision. There are different types of protectors, from the simplest and most basic to the most complex and resistant. These protectors are placed on the edges of the frame of the racket, preventing it from being scratched or deformed by contact with the ball or other surfaces. In addition, they also help to improve the grip of the racket, providing greater adherence and control. There are different types of frame protectors, from the most basic and economical to the most advanced and resistant, so it is important to choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences. In short, padel racket frame protectors are a highly recommended investment for any player of this sport, as they will allow you to enjoy your racket for longer and with greater comfort and performance.

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