Tripack pelotas de pádel Nox Pro Titanium
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Tripack de pelotas de pádel Nox de alta calidad, con un bote mas vivo para un juego mas dinámico y una mayor resistencia y durabilidad.
Tripack of balls Dunlop Pro Padel | Tripacks paddle balls | Dunlop
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Tripacks paddle balls

Tripack of balls Dunlop Pro Padel

11,00 € 18,55 €
Tripack with the new Dunlop ball with competition quality that will be very popular for its feel, bounce and control.

Pack of 3 Paddle Balls

Padel ball tripacks are packs that include three jars of high quality padel balls. These balls are usually official, which means that they meet the specifications set by the International Padel Federation (FIP). These packs are an economical option to always have new balls ready to play.

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