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Padel shoes are a crucial piece of equipment for any padel player. Choosing the right shoes can make a big difference in performance and injury prevention.

what elements should we take into account when choosing our paddle shoe?

Although many players may think that any sneaker is enough to play padel, this is not necessarily true. The paddle shoes are specifically designed to meet the needs of the player and offer a number of features that make them unique.

The right choice of padel shoes can make all the difference in a player's performance and injury prevention. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing padel shoes.

  • Type of sole: As mentioned above, the sole is a key element in padel shoes. Most of the padel shoes are equipped with herringbone solesthat provide a excellent traction on the track. Another option would be the sole omni, which stands out for its incredible gripsome models have a mixed solewhich combines the herringbone with other forms of traction. These soles are ideal for players who need a high level of grip and stability on the court.
  • Stability: Padel players need good lateral support to avoid ankle injuries and maintain balance at all times. Padel shoes have lateral reinforcements on the upper and sole. This provides greater stability and firmness during movement.
  • Cushioning: This aspect is important for reduce the impact on the joints during fast and repetitive movements. Paddle shoes have good cushioning in the sole and midsole. This helps to reduce fatigue and pain in the legs.
  • Transpiration: This factor is essential in order to ensure comfortable feeling, since achieving a constant flow of air and maintaining the right temperature can make all the difference. It is important to use breathable materials that prevent excess moisture on the feet.
  • Weight: In order to achieve fast and agile movements on the court it is important that the shoes are light weight and allow us some freedom to glide around the court and reach the most difficult spots.

what type of sole can we find in paddle shoes?

As we have mentioned before, the type of sole of a paddle sports shoe is an essential element to take into account when choosing our footwear. Therefore, let's delve a little deeper into the types of soles that we can find. There are different sole options in padel shoes, each one with specific characteristics for improve performance of the player on the court. The options are as follows:

  • Herringbone sole: This type of sole has certain advantages that will help the player to give the best of himself. Starting with the outstanding durability the material is also characterized by its excellent resistance to wear and tear caused by abrasion. It also stands out for its traction and the sliding capacity, which will allow for more agile and dynamic play. And last but not least, it is perfectly adapted to any type of surface. An example of a shoe with a herringbone sole would be the Asics Gel-Delicate 7 Clay.
  • Omni sole: This sole is the most classic in the world of padel. Although they have been designed to be able to play in any type of surfaceis the one that offers the best grip on artificial turf. Durability is not their strong point as they wear out faster. A shoe with an omni sole would be the Babolat Jet Premura.
  • Mixed sole: This type of sole combines the herringbone pattern and omni. This achieves greater durability in those areas of the shoe that are more vulnerable to wear and tear caused by the rapid and abrupt slides. It is usually combined with rotation elements to promote safe and agile turns. In addition, the omni sole, depending on the brand, is usually placed on the inside and the front of the shoe to provide more grip on starts. One model that includes a mixed sole is, for example, the men's padel shoe Bullpadel Hack Hybrid Fly 22V.

how to choose the right type of sole?

In order not to make a mistake when choosing a paddle shoe, we must take into account the following factors conditions and type of track where we are going to play normally. If you are going to play on an artificial turf surface, for example, it is recommended to look for shoes with a specific sole for that type of surface. If you are going to play on a hard surface such as concrete or asphalt, then you should look for a shoe with a herringbone sole.

In addition, it would be advisable that the choice of the sole is adjusted to the type of game and level of the athlete. The price is also an important but not a determining factor.

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