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Eclypse Padel is a leading brand in the manufacture of high quality padel rackets and accessories. They offer a wide variety of options for players of all levels, from beginners to professionals. Their paddle rackets are characterized by their innovative design and advanced technology that provides great power and control in the game. They also offer a wide range of accessories, such as racquet protectors, paddle bags and backpacks, to help players improve their game. Eclypse Padel strives to offer high quality products at the best price so that everyone can enjoy the game.

Eclypse Dark Silver Eclypse Dark Silver 2
  • -35%
Padel rackets Eclypse

Eclypse Dark Silver

€128.06 €197.52
Enjoy every moment with greater comfort thanks to the lightness of the new racket. Easy to handle for control in your shots.
Eclypse Lunar 3.0 Woman Eclypse Lunar 3.0 Woman 2
  • -76%
Padel rackets Eclypse

Eclypse Lunar 3.0 Woman

€47.89 €197.52
A control racquet for intermediate to advanced players looking for better control and precision on the court.
Eclypse Lunar 3.0 Eclypse Lunar 3.0 2
  • -83%
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Padel rackets Eclypse

Eclypse Lunar 3.0

€33.02 €197.52
Padel racket for professional players with wide experience.
Eclypse Total 3.0 Eclypse Total 3.0 2
  • -78%
Padel rackets Eclypse

Eclypse Total 3.0

€42.93 €197.52
High performance multipurpose racket, which will offer you the best performance to stand out both in control and power on the court.