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Paddle Packs Nox

Pack Nox MM2 Pro - Negro - Rojo

PEXMM2PRO22 - Nox MM2 Pro Manu Martin
147,93 € 156,20 €
NOX MM2 PRO + BACKPACK NOX MM2 PRO SPECIAL EDITION + 2 STRAPS SMARTSTRAPNow available in with the new racket of Manu Martin Nox MM2 Pro, a professional quality racket at an ultra affordable price. Backpack Nox MM2 really spectacular included in the price.

Paddle Packs Nox

The padel racket packs Nox are the best option for those padel lovers who are looking for quality and performance in their playing tools. These packs include two high-end paddle rackets, manufactured with top quality materials and designed with innovative technologies to offer optimum performance on the court. In addition, these blades have a modern and attractive style that makes them ideal for both playing and for showing off at the club. Don't miss yours and get the paddle blades pack Nox!

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