Padel rackets Eclypse

Eclypse Lunar 3.0 Woman Eclypse Lunar 3.0 Woman 2
  • -61%
Padel rackets Eclypse

Eclypse Lunar 3.0 Woman

€76.82 €197.52
A control racquet for intermediate to advanced players looking for better control and precision on the court.
Eclypse Lunar 3.0 Eclypse Lunar 3.0 2
  • -41%
Padel rackets Eclypse

Eclypse Lunar 3.0

€115.66 €197.52
Padel racket for professional players with wide experience.
Eclypse Total 3.0 Eclypse Total 3.0 2
  • -41%
Padel rackets Eclypse

Eclypse Total 3.0

€115.66 €197.52
High performance multipurpose racket, which will offer you the best performance to stand out both in control and power on the court.
Eclypse Dark Silver Eclypse Dark Silver 2
  • -35%
Padel rackets Eclypse

Eclypse Dark Silver

€128.06 €197.52
Enjoy every moment with greater comfort thanks to the lightness of the new racket. Easy to handle for control in your shots.

Padel Padel Bats Eclypse

The paddle racquets Eclypse are one of the most outstanding in the market for their advanced technology and exceptional performance. They are manufactured with high quality materials, such as fiberglass and graphite, which provide a unique resistance and durability. In addition, they have an ergonomic shape that adapts perfectly to the player's hand, providing a comfortable and secure grip.

Another of its most outstanding features is its "Sweet Spot" technology, which allows for greater control and power in strokes. They also have a special foam layer that cushions the impact and reduces vibration, which makes them more comfortable to use.

In terms of design, Eclypse padel racquets are a real gem. They feature an attractive and modern style that makes them unique on the playing field. In addition, they come in a wide variety of colors and designs, so it is easy to find the paddle that best suits your tastes and needs.

In short, Eclypse padel rackets are an excellent choice for any player looking for a high performance and durable tool. Their advanced technology and attractive design make them a quality and stylish option at the same time.

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