Head Graphene 360+ Alpha Pro | Paddle blades Head | Head
Head Graphene 360+ Alpha Pro | Paddle blades Head | Head
    Head Graphene 360+ Alpha Pro | Paddle blades Head | Head
    Head Graphene 360+ Alpha Pro | Paddle blades Head | Head

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    A new way of playing with more touch, precision and comfort has arrived. Feel the sensation of having a glove in your hand with the shovel of the magician Daniel "Sanyo" Gutiérrez.

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    Head Graphene 360+ Alpha Pro

    - The magic and wrist touch of our player Sanyo Gutierrez has a lot to do with his genius but also with his racquet. This brand new model comes with Graphene 360+ as its main technology, which together with the Smart Bridge makes this the most precise and comfortable racket ever seen.
    - With it you will really play as if you had a glove on your hand. The new weapon of the player known as the "Magician" will be key to continue delighting us with his incredible shots on the court, as only he knows how to do.
    - Optimized hole pattern to increase the sweet spot for more control and comfort.
    - With the Alpha Pro, comes a new way to play with more touch, precision and comfort. And don't miss out on its groundbreaking design!


    Graphene 360+: Graphene 360+ is the combination of Head 's exclusive Graphene 360 technology for optimized energy transfer and innovative spiral fibers for increased flexibility and clean impact feel. Graphene 360+ spiral fibers are located in the frame and generate better energy transfer. Benefit: Increased flexibility and a clean impact feel.
    Power Foam: High quality rubber for more speed in your shots. Power foam is the perfect ally for maximum power. The speed the ball will reach will surprise your opponents as much as it will surprise you. Benefit: Extra power.
    Optimized Sweet Spot: Each racket has its own DNA, its own identity. Some will look for control and precision, others for power or comfort or spin. Head has developed the Optimized Sweet Spot, providing the desired feature.
    TailoredFrame: Tubeless construction for an enlarged sweet spot. Benefit: Comfort and precision.
    Smart bridge: Specifically designed core area for greater precision and control. Benefits: Accuracy and control.
    Control hitting surface: The hybrid carbon/fiberglass composite weave ensures high tensile strength on the hitting surface without adding weight. Benefit: Hitting accuracy.