Buy on your trusted website with all the GUARANTEES of the brand and with the best prices that other websites, forums, or advertisements can advertise the same product.


In Ofertasdepadel.com we want to guarantee the minimum price of all our products that appear on our website, giving our customers the ability to buy any product at the best market price in Spain. So, if you find any offer better than ours, we promise to match it.

For the application of the GUARANTEED MINIMUM PRICE, the procedure to follow is very simple. You can simply call us on 91 870 99 66 from 10:00 to 20:00 hours from Monday to Friday or send us the following information to info@ofertasdepadel.com.

    -- The website and url where you have seen the product published in better conditions than in Ofertasdepadel.com.

    -- The price of the specific product with 21% VAT included.

    -- Register at Ofertasdepadel.com and send us your contact details: Name, Email and phone number so we can give you the discount code for the purchase.

In order to be able to match the conditions, it is important that the product and shop in question meet the following requirements.

 -- There is a real stock of the requested product. Sometimes there are shops that, when they do not have stock, reduce the price of the item precisely because they do not have it.

    -- The price includes VAT and all the other costs that the other shop may charge, such as shipping costs, commissions, etc.

    -- The characteristics of the product are completely the same as the item we offer, including the following: Make, Model, Reference and Version, Options, Size, Colour, etc. 

This service is subject to product availability.

 It is very important for you to know that NO TRADE CONDITIONS WILL BE MATCHED OR TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT in the following cases.

    -- Ads for products that are used or unsealed.

    -- Products with no real stock or availability.

    -- Products sold through private advertisements that are false, misleading or cannot be contacted to verify their authenticity.

    -- Products that are on auctions or bids such as eBay, Yahoo Auction, etc. where the selling price is not final.

    -- Price match requests where the link is erroneous or does not lead to the product indicated.

    -- Products that do not fully match the item we are offering including the following: Make, Model, Reference and Version, Options, Size, Colour, etc.

    -- Products that do not correspond in terms of model, brand, colour and size with the item requested and available on Ofertasdepadel.com.

With all this information and once we have checked all the data received, in Ofertasdepadel.com we will give you an answer in the SAME INSTANT, if by phone our Customer Service can verify and check the match with the requested product, or by email in LESS THAN 5 HOURS during working hours. In the latter case we will apply the GUARANTEED MINIMUM PRICE and send you a special code so that you can buy the product. If you call us by phone and we can verify the AUTHENTICITY at that moment, you will be able to place the order in that same call.