Asics Glide Ride 1011B060 - 001

    Asics Glide Ride Black/Graphite Grey - 42
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    GLIDERIDE ™ shoes allow you to run longer with less energy expenditure.

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    Asics Glide Ride 1011B060.001

    Pronation is part of the natural movement of the human body and refers to the way the foot moves inward to distribute the impact on the footprint. Understanding the type of pronation can help you find a more comfortable running shoe. GLIDERIDE ™ are designed for neutral runners.

    - Foot type: Standard size arch.
    - Thrust: The distribution from the forefoot is balanced.
    - How the foot comes into contact with the ground: The foot lands on the outside of the heel and moves inwards (pronation) to absorb impacts and support body weight.


    GUIDESOLE ™ : The GUIDESOLE ™ technology of the sole is the great innovation that this model incorporates. Here's how it works: Optimized cushioning reduces muscle load with every stride. This is achieved thanks to the combination of FLYTEFOAM ™ and GEL ™ cushioning technologies.

    - The sole presents a dynamic curve, while the material of the toe is rigid, a combination that contributes to the improvement of the running technique by minimizing movement in the ankle joint. By reducing the level of ankle flexion, other muscle groups, such as the calf, are less exerted.

    - When the ankle dances excessively at high speeds, energy is wasted. The center of gravity of these shoes is slightly shifted towards the heel, so it is easier to swing the foot forward. The sway that the runner feels in these shoes propels the foot forward, thereby increasing athletic performance and decreasing the forward motion of the ankle. This will allow you to run further and with less effort.

    -These features offer the runner a unique experience, totally different from what he has ever experienced. Thanks to the GUIDESOLE ™ technology of the GLIDERIDE ™ model, you will save energy and improve your performance. You have to taste it to believe it.


    GUIDESOLE ™ technology that helps conserve energy.
    Cushioning with FLYTEFOAM ™ technology.
    GEL ™ cushioning technology. < br />
    * Sustainability is one of ASICS priorities, for the manufacture of this collection approximately 300.00 PET plastic bottles were recycled. The upper of these shoes is made with recycled polyesters.

    * You will receive the shoes in a new shoe box made of 100% recycled paper and with 10% less material . In addition, this box has used water-based ink, which reduces the use of ink by approximately 50%.

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