StarVie Basalto Osiris

    BAS21 StarVie Basalto Osiris 360 - 365 gr.
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    The StarVie Basalto Osiris is a perfect racket for players who want comfort on the court, with an excellent ball output and good control and manageability.

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    StarVie Basalt Osiris

    The StarVie Basalt Osiris racquet with a teardrop mold has the sweet spot of the hitting on the upper part of the racquet. It stands out for its composition in Basalt and Carbon in the same plane, which provides durability and resistance. Designed to withstand the continuous stress of materials due to their use.


    - The optimal point of the blow is located in the upper part of the plane thanks to its teardrop shape.
    - The density of its soft rubber contributes to achieving a higher ball speed and finding the balance between power and control.
    - Its star-shaped relief (Full Plane Effect) allows a precision game helping to give the ball the desired effect.
    - StarVie is the only one that works this roughness directly from the mold.
    - It incorporates the Star Balance system. Asymmetric piece in the heart that provides a perfect balance and balance of weight.
    - New: chameleon paint in the heart of the blade.
    - Product made 100% in Spain, Azuqueca de Henares (Guadalajara).


    FULL PLANET EFFECT: Texture in the plane with relief of 2mm in the shape of a star, which offers greater control and the possibility of giving effects to the ball with greater precision.

    BASALTO: Fabric used in the plane of the blade that gives it greater control of the stroke without penalizing power.

    STAR BALANCE: Piece designed for the heart of the racket that offers the perfect balance and balance to achieve the best game.

    FIVE SIDES TECH: The 5-sided design of the profile of the blade gives greater rigidity to the structure and better aerodynamics.

    SOFT 30: Nomenclature that specifies the density of the eva rubber of each blade. It is a soft density rubber intended for a generic game that adapts to any type of player.

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