TuboPlus TuboX4 Crystal + 1 way alloy mini pump Beto

    TuboX4 Crystal + Manómetro Beto
    42,00 €

    Crystal X4 Tube with High-End aluminum pump with pressure gauge. You will not worry if the balls are going to lose pressure as long as you do not play, you will forget when you first opened the pot of balls.

    TuboPlus TuboX4 Crystal Beto + 1 way alloy mini pump Beto

    TuboX4 Crystal with high-end aluminum pump with pressure gauge has been designed to recover the original pressure of the balls and always have them perfect between games and matches, you will never think how many games they have and you will save a lot of money on ball boats throughout the year.

    - You can use better quality balls (high range) since the difference in cost between some balls and others will be insignificant thanks to the number of times you will reuse them as you will get the maximum performance. The high-end balls help the practice of the game better absorbing the impact, removing the vibration and having better control with greater precision, better balls, better game and greater durability.

    - This makes the balls look like new before each game since playing with balls that have lost their original pressure means more effort for the joints of the spine, knees and especially the elbows. It is necessary to perform all the blows with more force also compensating the deformation of the ball with forced movements and harmful blows, you will avoid injuries that will harm you in your day to day.

    - Thanks to TuboX4 Crystal, a smaller number of balls will be consumed worldwide, forcing ball factories to reduce their manufacturing, with the consequent decrease in the use of oils and polluting emissions to the environment, saving balls you are part of the solution and not pollution.

    You will stand out above the other players having a more professional and specialized tool.

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