Bullpadel Vertex 02 W 2020

    460368 - Bullpadel Vertex 02 W 2020
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    The Vertex-2 W is a lightweight diamond-shaped shovel, maximum power and high performance without loss of control designed for expert players or advanced game. It will be the shovel with which they will give everything on the track Cata Tenorio and Delfi Brea

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    BullPadel Vertex 02 Woman 2020

    The Vertex-2 W 2020 is a lightweight diamond-shaped blade with maximum power and high performance without loss of control. Its outer core consists of Fibrix hybrid fiber, its inner core of the new MultiEva rubber and its CarbonTube 100% carbon fiber frame. It incorporates the Sticker protector, this adhesive protector is light, flexible and resistant. In addition, it has a Vibradrive system for vibration absorption, Vertex heart and Nerve channels on the side of the blade frame. In addition, it has the Top Spin technology, a surface with a rough finish that favors grip, thus achieving a greater effect of the ball in contact with the blade.


    TOPSPIN: It consists of a rough surface that favors the grip, thus achieving a greater effect of the ball in contact with the blade.

    FIBRIX: Fiber developed by Bullpadel that mixes carbon fiber with fiberglass. The combination of both compounds makes the surface of the blade flexible and resistant at the same time, providing great comfort and sensation in the beating.

    CARBONTUBE: Consists of the construction of the blade frame 100% carbon interlaced bidirectional. This construction provides our blades with the maximum mechanical response guaranteeing a perfect compromise between power and control.

    VIBRADRIVE: It is a fist assembly system in which a piece of high elastic rubber is sandwiched by dividing it in half. This piece absorbs most of the vibrations produced in the game, especially in off-center hits.

    NERVE: The Nerve system is based on the creation of channels on the side of the frame, increasing stiffness, reducing weight at the same time and getting more control in the blows.

    MULTIEVA: Rubber developed with specific density and elasticity characteristics to provide the player with maximum comfort and sensation when striking. Its composition provides the rubber with a high memory while maintaining the same recovery and rebound parameters over time.

    STICKER: Flexible, adhesive and ultralight frame protector that adheres to the blade frame, achieving a perfect coupling. Provides resistance to shock and abrasion.

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