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Adidas Supernova Carbon ATTK 1.9

Adidas Supernova Carbon ATTK 1.9
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The comfortable touch along with the high balance of the new Adidas Supernova Carbon paddle ATTK 1.9 make it the best option, the ultimate solution for players looking for power without relinquishing control.

The shape and materials allow you to generate fast and precise movements, optimizing the energy on the track.

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The paddle shovel Adidas Supernova Carbon ATTK 1.9 is the ultimate paddle for paddle players looking for a balance between the power game and the control game on the track.

The structure of the blade is made of carbon, to improve its power. The combination of fiberglass with EVA SOFT PERFORMANCE rubber provides excellent power without sacrificing the comfortable feel of the control blades.
Highlights of the Adidas Supernova Carbon ATTK 1.9 Paddleboard

    The diamond format and the low balance of this blade allows fast and precise movements to optimize the player's energy on the track.
    The 3K carbon fiber combined with the EVA SOFT PERFOMANCE rubber provide the shovel Adidas Supernova Carbon ATTK 1.9 with greater comfort in the blows, improving the game sensations. Improves the ball output.
    The technology power embossed improves the power of the blows because it gives the blade greater rigidity and solidity of the structure thanks to the external nerves of the frame.

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