Pala Pádel Adidas Carbon ATTK 1.9

    Adidas Carbon ATTK 1.9

    The paddle shovel Adidas Carbon ATTK 1.9 is designed for players who seek the most power in the strokes during their paddle matches. Optimize your energy on the track with strokes with a shovel that allows you to move quickly and accurately.

    Designed for players with the most aggressive game, the new Adidas Carbon ATTK 1.9 to optimize the power in each shot.

    For the manufacture of the Adidas Carbon ATTK 1.9 Adidas has used a new material in the plane, Innegra carbon, which considerably increases the power, the structural rigidity and the resistance of the blade. Together with the EVA HIGH MEMORY rubber makes the Adidas Carbon ATTK 1.9 one of the most impressive blades of the new Adidas 2019 collection.

    Power Groove technology gives the blade greater structural rigidity to facilitate the speed of the blows.
    Materials and technologies of the Adidas Carbon ATTK 1.9

    Power Groove: a rail that is inserted in the upper part of the blade, so that it has a greater structural rigidity to increase the power of the most aggressive blows.

    Power Embossed Ridge: reinforces the frame with nerves that make the Adidas Carbon ATTK 1.9 a stiffer blade.

    Structural Power: a fiber insert in the heart of the blade achieves greater stability in the blows.

    If you are looking for a shovel to speed up your game, with maximum power and speed in the hits, optimizing your energy on the track, the Adidas Carbon ATTK 1.9 is the shovel you need.

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