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Adidas Adipower CTRL 1.9

Adidas Adipower CTRL 1.9
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The Adidas Adipower CTRL 1.9 is the paddle with which Álex Ruíz will play in the 2019 season. A low balance point makes the paddle more manoeuvrable, which is ideal for those paddle players who seek greater control in their hits. Adidas has also included in the Adipower CTRL 1.9 model the new eXoskeleton dual technology the Power Embossed Ridge to improve the power of the blows.

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In the new model for 2019 adidas CTRL Adidas Adidas, Adidas Adipower CTRL 1.9, the brand wanted to create a shovel with excellent comfort for the player and a great manageability to be able to have full control in the blows.

It also incorporates dual eXoskeleton and Power Embossed Ridge technologies that together with the EVA HIGH MEMORY rubber make the blade do not lose power.

The paddle shovel Adidas Adipower CTRL 1.9 is the shovel that will be used during 2019 by WPT player Álex Ruiz.

Advantages of the Adidas Adipower CTRL 1.9:


The balance point of the Adipower CTRL 1.9 is low, with a wide sweet spot to favor maneuverability during the paddle game.


The design of the shovel, its shape and the materials and different technologies that have been used in the design of the Adidas Adipower CTRL 1.9 provide excellent comfort.


Several of the technologies that have been used in this blade, help to improve the power of the blows, for paddle players who want more control but like aggressive play.

Dual technology eXoskeleton: increases power and rigidity thanks to the carbon nerves inserted into the structure of the frame.

Power Embossed Ridge: provides greater power to the blade thanks to the external nerves of the frame.

SPIN BLADE: rugasa surface, as Adidas Adipower CTRL 1.8 had last year's model, to achieve a greater impact effect.

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