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Diving Bags

Cressi Tuna Roll Bag

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Watertight bag Cressi Tuna Roll in resistant laminated PVC of 7 tenths of thickness. Rigid watertight bottom thermally welded to the PVC area. Very light, it can be used as a trolley without the need to insert a metal structure. Extraordinary combination of lightness, capacity, watertightness and ease of transport. Silicone wheels. Two strong handles...

Diving Bags

Dive bags are an indispensable tool for divers, allowing them to carry supplies, equipment and personal items. These bags are made of waterproof, durable and abrasion resistant materials to protect items from water and damage. Dive bags are available in different sizes, shapes and colors to meet the needs of divers. These bags also have a variety of useful features such as adjustable strap closures, exterior pockets and interior compartments to keep items organized.

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