Bullpadel Flow WPT Circus Brussels

    465524 - Flow WPT Circus Brussels
    206,57 €

    Official racket of the Circus Brussels Padel Open 22 chosen by the Spanish player Alejandra Salazar.

    • Negro - Amarillo
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    Bullpadel Flow WPT Circus Brussels

    Conceived for professional or advanced players, its exterior is made of Fibrix hybrid fiber and a rough 3D grain finish in the shape of a star to give greater effect to blows. The internal core is made up of the new MultiEva that consists of 2 different densities and a CarbonTube frame made of 100% carbon fiber. It also incorporates the new FlowForce heart and Sticker protector: light, flexible and resistant adhesive protector.
    It also has a Vibradrive system to absorb vibrations.


    3DGRAIN: - Innovative star-shaped finish of the surface of the blade that favors the grip, thus achieving a greater effect of the ball. The studied arrangement of the pattern achieves the perfect balance between the effect and the control of the ball.
    FLOWFORCE: - It is an innovative design that offers a reinforced heart to balance an oversize frame. In addition, longitudinal reinforcements have been created on the arms of the heart to reinforce the structure of the heart, achieving an oversize format, characteristic for its ease of beating, adding a plus of reaction and power.
    FIBRIX: - Fiber developed by Bullpadel that mixes carbon fiber with glass fiber. The combination of both compounds makes the surface of the blade flexible and resistant at the same time, providing great comfort and sensation in the beating.
    MULTIEVA: - The new MultiEva consists of 2 densities: the outer layer of the rubber is more compact, reacting against fast balls offering greater output power. The inner layer of lower density responds to the slower balls obtaining greater control in the beating.
    VIBRADRIVE: - It is a fist assembly system in which a piece of high elastic rubber is sandwiched by dividing it in half. This piece absorbs most of the vibrations produced in the game, especially in off-center hits.
    CARBONTUBE: - Consists of the construction of the frame of the shovel 100% Carbon interlaced bidirectional. This construction provides our blades with the maximum mechanical response guaranteeing a perfect compromise between power and control.
    STICKER: - Protector of flexible, adhesive and ultralight frame that adheres to the frame of the blade getting a perfect coupling. Provides resistance to shock and abrasion.

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