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Adidas Faster Control Blue

Adidas Faster Control Blue - RK6CM2 U12
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Adidas Faster Control Blue

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Adidas Faster Control Blue

- Adidas Faster Control, a shovel with quality, which comes this season with an impeccable design for players who want to advance.
- Versatile shovel that provides a perfect balance between power and control. Manufactured in teardrop format, which has a great manageability and comfort in each stroke.
- Made for intermediate players looking to identify their style of play and advance to the next level. With medium balance and light weight, it is a highly maneuverable, resistant and durable racquet.
- STRUCTURAL REINFORCEMENT technology reinforces its structure and increases resistance to wear. The SMART HOLES LINEAL technology improves the durability of the racquet, and the holes placed in groups of 3 favor the effects on the ball.
- The large sweet spot optimizes the strokes and provides excellent control and power in every shot.
- It offers a more sober, serious and simple design with a black structure and navy blue details.

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