Nox Ultimate Power Carbon LTD

    PEXULTLTDC21ODP - Nox Ultimate Power 3 Carbon LTD
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    Impressive Nox Ultimate Power Carbon LTD padel racket made of 100% visible carbon, diamond shape together with HRS CORE+ rubber that increases the speed of recovery, achieving greater power in the hit. Perfect for any level of play thanks to its large mold that prevents vibrations and a wide sweet spot. Rough surface with relief for a greater ball effect when hitting.

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    Nox Ultimate Power Carbon LTD

    The new Nox Ultimate Power Carbon LTD padel racket designed for the player looking for maximum power and a wide sweet spot.

    - In the core of the HRS CORE + blade, a core with even denser rubber than the HR3. It increases the speed with which the core of the blade recovers its state prior to the hitting of the ball. With this rubber you get maximum power.
    - Carbon Frame Carbon Frame: using this material in the frames we give more rigidity and durability to the frame and the blade in general.
    - Dyamic Composit Structure: with the application of more material from the frame up to four centimeters inside the face, we minimize the difference in hardness between the frame and the face. In this way, when the ball is hit with the outer parts of the blade, we minimize the possible cutting of the fibers that could occur when the rubber sinks. Carbon look finish.
    - 3K Fiber Carbon: The 3K fabric is achieved by intertwining the carbon threads to form small squares. In our case we use a 3K carbon fiber with a higher grammage.
    - Rough Surface: Rough surface on the last layer of the face of the blade. It can be made using pre-molded plastic material or with a bath in low grammage silica sand. With this roughness, blows with greater effect are achieved.
    -Oversize Grip: longer grip length for easier grip.
    -Antivibration System: absorption system for vibrations produced in off-center blows.

    * In all purchases that include a gift with the product, one unit of each gift will be sent.

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