Munich Fission

    3501053 - Munich Fission
    160,03 € 190,08 € -16%

    Shine on the court with the new Munich Fission, it will bring out the best in you in the most demanding moments of the game.

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    Munich Fission

    The Munich Fission racket has the best existing manufacturing materials for an optimal game.
    It is created with a 100% Carbon 12K structure that provides maximum performance for hitting.
    Core composed of high-density Black Eva rubber that provides a great sensation.
    With the roughened roughened surface, greater effects are achieved in all types of hitting.
    The double tubular carbon in the frame results in greater structural rigidity and stability.
    The ergonomic grip provides a perfect and comfortable grip.


    Control Shape: This shape is focused on that player who considers himself a defender and tends to stay at the back of the court.
    100% 12k Carbon Fiber: each braid of the carbon fabric is made up of 12,000 strands.
    Black EVA Core +: Low density Eva. (approx 20 g / dm3).
    Maximum Sheild
    Double Çarbon Frame: It consists of two tubes that cover the frame of the blade to reinforce the ends of the surface and avoid any cracks that come from a blow to the main face of the blade.
    Comfort Hit Area: This technology gives the blade an increase in the sweet spot over its entire surface, thanks to the high quality of the surface finish and the absorption capacity of its foamy core.
    Roug Surface: It is a surface finish on both main faces of the racket to give it a touch of roughness, this adds adherence to the ball when in contact with the racket to improve the effects during the game.
    Hi Elastic Fiber
    X-grip Ergonomic - Tech: Its ergonomics are designed so that the player can adapt 100% to their grip and make it as comfortable as possible. Finally, the upper part of the grip is finished off with an X embossed.

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