Plantillas Footgel Padel

    Plantillas Footgel Padel - 35 - 38 EU
    16,99 € 19,95 € -15%

    FOOTGEL PADEL insoles are especially recommended for all sports with a high degree of impact on the court, such as paddle tennis, squash, badminton or fronton.

    • 35-38 EU
    • 39-42 EU
    • 43-47 EU

    Footgel Padel insoles

    Its unique and exclusive triple layer has been developed for this purpose. Tested by the Umana Biomechanical Analysis Center, guarantee and quality.


    - Footgel uses a patented sequential cushioning design whose architecture allows the absorption of impacts when walking or running, reducing the pressure on the joints in general, neutralizing the chain of impacts: FOOT - KNEE - HIP - LUMBARS offering a sensation of well-being and maximum comfort.

    - Ergonomic plantar support. In hot periods it can be used without socks.

    - Termocrep-Gel®

    - High degree of recovery.
    - High degree of elongation.
    - High degree of elasticity. < br /> - High degree of cushioning.
    - Sequential shock absorption.
    - Long durability without loss of properties.
    - Non-toxic Recyclable 100%


    - Patented design.
    - Allows constant air flow in each step.
    - Eliminates moisture.
    - Eliminates Odor 100%.
    - Breathable, keeps feet dry.


    - Latest generation microfiber.
    - Neutralizes germs, antibacterial.
    - Antiallergic.
    - Washable.
    - Thermoregulator.
    - Free of Chromium 6 Ecological, manufacture free of CO2 emissions.


    - Flexible Structure: Sequential cushioning, its patented design architecture produces maximum comfort and support to the foot.
    - Non-slip: Patented design that provides quick drying avoiding slipping.
    - High Comfort: Sequential cushioning, its patented design architecture produces maximum comfort and support to the foot.
    - The patented design breathing gel allows a constant flow of air in each step, providing quick drying avoiding humidity and bad odors.
    - Different sizes: Footgel Padel insoles cover all women's and men's sizes 35-38, 39-42 and 43-47.
    - Eucalyptus essence: With medicinal grade components. Stimulating properties and cooling effect.

    * Termocrep-Gel® tested by the Institute of Biomechanics of the University of Valencia, developed by our company since 1997.

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