ShockOut Under Grip Padel

    100-0010 - ShockOut Under Grip Pádel
    12,00 € 13,95 € -14%

    The ShockOut Under Grip Padel is an accessory that is placed directly on the fiber of the padel racket handle.

    ShockOut Under Grip Padel

    - Developed in the laboratory with an exclusive material, our Under Grip absorbs vibrations with a thickness of only 1mm. Enjoy incredible sensations and greater comfort when hitting. Remove the original grip and replace it with the Under Grip, then place one or more overgrips over it as desired.

    - The visco-elastic material reduces vibrations thanks to its molecular structure. The material has been manufactured and designed in Switzerland according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality criteria.


    - Your arm and hand joints will be protected from vibrations and all the stress generated in the game.
    - The grip becomes more comfortable and firm and the sensation of hitting improves.

    How to place the Under Grip on your racket

    - Before placing the Under Grip remove any grip or overgrip you have on your racquet.
    - Remember to place it directly on the fiber of the handle.
    - Start from the bottom of the handle overlapping only the first loop.
    - Continue wrapping the Under Grip upwards without overlapping.
    - When you get to the end use the black tape to keep it from peeling off. Incorporate your overgrip on top.

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